All of our fabrics are intended primarily for Home Decor, however, some of them can be used for garments, photography printing, and many other uses.  Please feel free to browse our fabrics by use.

Yes!  You can use our sheer fabrics for scarves or kafkas, for example.  We strongly recommend purchasing a sample before placing your final order in order to confirm the print quality and hand feel for each fabric.  Please feel free to browse our fabrics by use.

Our Research & Development team is currently testing some materials for the Advertisement Industry.  When the time comes we will make them available on our webpage.  If you have any special needs or any special material that you are thinking about, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to listen to your thoughts and needs.

While white fabric makes colors seem to “jump” off the fabric after being digitally printed, off white and beige fabrics seem to blend more with the colors.   For the Home Decor industry, off white and beige colors are a most.  Besides, we love to keep everyone happy.

Absolutely!  Please keep in mind that everything that is white in your design or photograph, will be the color of the base fabric used after printing.  For example, if you print on Monticello, all whites on your artwork will be beige after printing.  We strongly recommend purchasing a sample before placing your final order.

In some of our Velvet Fabrics, if you rub your hand against the pile you will be able to see some white in the bottom.  This happens because the ink is not able to reach that part of the fabric.  If you rub the pile in the opposite direction, you will not see the white anymore.  This is a general behavior when digital printing velvet fabrics and log pile fabrics in general. 

Our standard width for digital textile printing is 54”.  However, if you need more than this, we will do our best to satisfy you.  It will always depend on the fabric width and order quantity.  Please keep in mind, that the maximum width we can achieve in most cases is 57”/58”.

We sure do!  You can print photographs and wall art in almost any fabric.  We recommend Monet and Samoa for photography printing.  Please feel free to browse our fabrics by use.

For now, we can only print as little as a yard.  Our team is working in our Design Studio’s capability to accept orders up to 0.25 yards.  Should be done soon!

The sublimation ink used in our printing process adheres itself to polyester molecule.  If the fabric is not 100% polyester, less ink will penetrate the fabric therefore rendering less vibrant colors.

Well, a quarter is a quarter, and what is fair is fair.  Our yards are 36” by 54”, so, if you divide that into quarters you will get four pieces of 18”x27”. 


There are many websites where you can get designs and pictures to print on your fabric.  Some of them are free and some of them charge a licensing fee.  Please visit our Start Creating page to find out more.

As of now you can print one design per canvas.  For example, you choose your fabric, choose the size you want your canvas to be and then you can upload one image into that canvas.  Our team is working tirelessly to make the canvas accept more than one image so you can set your imagination free.

Of course you can!  This is exactly what Phabrika is about.  Feel free to customize your images any way you want.  If there is something in your mind that you cannot achieve on our Design Studio please let us know.  And please, always remember to order a sample before making your final order.  Your customized images will be saved in your account, so you can come back later and print them at will.

Our Design Studio will work with the following file formats: jpg, jpeg, png, heic, tiff. If your image format is not supported, please drop us a line and we will start working on it right away.
Files must be less than 25MB and minimum resolution of 150dpi.


Our production department is run by ants, well, sort of.  We strive to keep things running smoothly in a dynamic way.  Usually, your order will be ready within 4 or 5 workdays from the day the order was placed.  There is a chance it can be shipped sooner.  Let’s keep that as a surprise. 

Can you?  Of course you can!  There will be an extra charge, however, we like to keep it real and we love to go the extra mile, always.

We suggest that you ALWAYS purchase a sample before placing your final order.  There are so many things that can make what you see on your screen and what you see on the fabric differ after it is printed.  Please refer to Returns Policy for more information.


Yes, you can choose from our Standard, Expedited or 2-day Shipping methods.

No, we only ship within US and Canada.

Yes, on orders of more than USD $47.46.

Please visit our Returns Policy for more information.