Phabrika LLC is a company in Davie, Fl offering sublimation and digital printing services on a large variety of home decor fabrics. We take your designs and photographs and print them under the guidelines you place in our design center handled exclusively by you and your imagination.

But this is not our story… this is:

Phabrika, for us, due to the multicultural backgrounds of our team, is a word with many meanings. In English, “fabric” means textile, it also means the structure that holds a community together.  In Spanish, “fabrica” means a place where things are created or manufactured.  These are exactly the ideas that move us to create Phabrika.

Phabrika is where you come to create beautiful and unique pieces for your surroundings.

Phabrika is where you come to be a part of a great community of DIYers.

Phabrika is where you come to give that special touch and feel to your designs and photographs.

Phabrika is where we come to make all that happen for you, by always offering the best textiles and having personalized service as our ethos.

Every piece you create with us is an expression of your uniqueness, as unique is the experience and service we work so hard to offer you.  We strive to WOW you.

Here, you are part of a collective of DIYers, designers and creative individuals that revolves around the concept of service and community.  We offer you the experience of a local shop in ANYWHERE, USA but serving EVERYWHERE, USA.